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Membership Information
Calabash Lodge #2679 BPOE
Office: 910-575-8900
Lounge: 910-579-4600

We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

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Who Can Join?

Are you an American citizen? Do you have a belief in God? If you are and you do, you can probably join. Call us for details.

How Can Someone Join?

If you have someone you would like to sponsor to join us, please pick up an application at the Lodge. For a new applicant to join we first need a completed application! You must be proposed by a current member of the Order and give referrals of two other members. (They may be members of any Lodge in the USA) Please contact the Lodge office during normal business hours for more information and an application. Yearly dues are currently $75.00

Benefits of Joining

The personal rewards inherent in a dedication to Service to our Country by involvement in programs with youth, veterans and in providing assistance to the less-fortunate members of our communities.